Testimonials about the CarbonTube

John L. Pedigo, Pedigo Piano Inc., Since 1964

"Dear Steve:  After talking to you by phone, I felt confident in ordering your tuning lever after struggling with the cost.  I have had the opportunity to use it on some grands and verticals.  There are no exaggerations in any of your claims or testimonials of others. I have been in the piano business since 1964 and have tuned my share of pianos.  The ability to feel the pin and not overturn the pin has shortened the time needed to tune.  The tuning lever is the finest I have ever used.  Good product... No... Excellent product.   Thanks Steve, for making my job easier and more enjoyable."

Steven Snyder

"Thought you might enjoy the attached article from the local paper last January right after I bought your tuning lever.  Your tuning lever is featured.   Having used it ever since, I want to congratulate you on a fine design and high quality manufacturing job!   This lever does what you say it does and more.  I have had a chance to follow up my tunings with your lever and have found them much more stable than with any other tuning lever.  I can feel the pin like I have never been able to do in the past—and I have been tuning for 40 years!   Most important, tuning with your lever is so much easier!  My arm is significantly less tired after a tuning with your lever.  I can do more verticals with less stress on my arm joints, can do better work overall, and have a longer tuning career.   Your concept is truly revolutionary.  You have done a great service for the piano service industry."

Michael Musial, RPT

"Hi Steve.  I am enjoying your hammer a lot!!  I recently got a new digital camera and had a little free time so I made a web page regarding my observations of the use of your hammer in my daily work.  I thought you might find it of some interest.  http://thundermush.com/fujan/"

Loren DiGiorgi

"Wow, Steve, that's all I can say, seriously! I never dreamed the very basic tuning lever that we use daily could make such a dramatic difference in comfort, control, and accuracy. 99% of the time now, I can set the pin on the first try; no overshooting. It's that easy to control the pin in absolutely precise increments. With the lever being so rigid, there is no guesswork as to where the pin is in the block. I never realized how much of what we feel in terms of twist was actually the lever flexing until I started tuning with one that didn't flex. Great tool, Steve, and I look forward to using it for many years to come!"

Dirk Oosterhoff

"Hello Steve.  Saturday my tuning lever came with the mail.  Today I tuned several piano's and it is an absolute delight and joy to work with your carbon tuning lever.  It is beautiful made and it handles very nice. Well done!!"

Keith Frazier, RPT

"I finally purchased one of your tuning levers after waiting about a year & a half from the time I first saw the article in the PTG Journal.  I decided that I had nothing to lose with the 30 day money back guarantee. From the very first moment that I began tuning with this hammer I knew immediately that this was a quality tuning hammer.  In fact, this is the best tuning hammer I've ever seen & pretty much makes the 4 other tuning hammers I own obsolete.  The control & the leverage with this tuning lever is amazing.  After being in the piano business over 30 yrs, this is one of the most significant developments in technician tools that I've seen. The Fujan tuning lever gets the job done.  Thank you for your contribution to this industry & for making my life easier."

Mark E. Adams, RPT

"After thirty years and 9 million pins, your lever is truly the best!  My tuning is at least 20% faster.  Challenging conditions like high torque or jumpy pins and even clicking agraffes are under control more than I have ever experienced!  Thank you for taking the time.  All the best."

Jerry Groot, RPT

"I would LOVE to make a comment regarding your tuning hammer. I made this purchase upon a recommendation of a good technician friend that I respect highly. One day we were tuning together in a college that I service. He let me use his Fujan hammer. I didn't want to give it back and in fact, for fun, went back into his room, stomping my foot like a little kid saying "I WANT IT BACK!" Which, of course, brought out quite a bit of laughter from the two of us. It is a fabulous tuning hammer, the Mercedes of tuning hammers in my opinion. Here is a very interesting note.. My son, who is a very beginning tuner, was using my old fashioned "Hale" tuning hammer. After I purchased my new Fujan tuning hammer, I let him try it. I was AMAZED at two things. 1. His speed improved my 50%. Honest! 2. His accuracy also improved by 50%. Why? Because you can feel every tiny little movement of the tuning pin with this tuning hammer! I recommend every technician should buy one!

Michael Lamkin, RPT

"Just wanted to say how much I am enjoying using your carbon fiber tuning hammer. I am now sailing through my tunings with a lot more accuracy and pleasure in feeling the tuning pin as I listen. I find that it really helps to take the time to use just the right tip size for the pin. Then all goes smooth after that.  I am using the angled head with or without the tip extension and the long 7.5 inch tube.  I sometimes put down my impact hammer when I'm tuning verticals and just stand up and use the carbon fiber hammer.  Thanks for your good engineering and good sense." 

Chris Gregg, RPT

"I was fortunate to get one of the first new carbon fibre Fujan tuning hammers. I have used it for about three months now and it has revolutionised my tuning. It has made my life so much easier. I use the standard tube with a two inch extension. No sore shoulders at the end of the day. Great on pianos with tight pins. Pin setting is much more accurate and overall working time is significantly reduced. I have interchangeable heads depending on the webbing situation. I also have a quiver case to keep the whole works nicely protected."

Jeff Stickney, RPT

"I have been using the carbon fiber hammer for about 3 weeks now, and I love it! The 15 degree head for added clearance, the smaller profile head, and the light weight all make this a joy to use. Moving the lever from pin to pin feels feather light, which translates into less effort and fatigue, especially over a day of tuning 4-5 pianos (moving the hammer +/- 1000 times?). The only downside is that because it is so light, I can feel everything! That means if the tip fit isn't quite right I really feel it - which isn't really a downside - it just means I know exactly where my obstacles are, and they aren't with the hammer. I have a variety of tips - both Watanabe and Hale - and sometimes there just isn't a tip that fits a given pin "just right". I tend to revert to the Watanabe #2 almost exclusively. Nice work, nice design - it's worth every penny!"

Mark Larin from Canada

"I received the new Carbon Fibre Composite hammer yesterday and I was totally impressed. It floated in my hand, compared to my extension hammer. The accuracy that I was able to get the pins set at was instantly evident. I use Tunelab and I was so easily able to get the phase display to where I wanted it, I quickly understood how the other (albeit fine) hammer had been limiting my performance. The range of motion with the ball lever (which fits my hand beautifully) freed me up from my traditional, limited selection of positions. As per your 30 day money-back offer....forget it! I'm keeping this hammer for a very long time! "

Mike Ashburn

"I have been using the tuning hammer you sent me. After receiving the box , I first thought it was empty but a moment later I thought "Oh, this is great. There's no weight." I have been tuning for 27 years and I have about 10 hammers. Yours is the best. Easy to hold, extreme light weight, much less tiring. Thanks for helping me with your new hammer. It makes a big difference. Worth every penny."

Name Witheld

"I bought one of your tuning levers last month. While I had doubts about the 5 degree head, I have had no problems with clearance and will not be exchanging it for a fifteen degree head. I JUST LOVE THIS TUNING LEVER! One of the things that really made the light bulb click on for me was your statement in your article: "It still amazes me that so many technicians have developed an incredible ability to compensate for the flex in their tuning levers". Ten years ago, I sustained a catastrophic brain injury in an automobile accident. My tuning time rose dramatically. I attributed it to the number of decisions one must make in tuning a piano, as well as a loss of cognitve function. However, I seemed to always go past the pitch, no matter how many different techniques I tried in order to refine my hammer technique. I was beginning to suspect my tuning lever might be part of the problem when your article came out in the journal. That statement that I quoted really made me start to think that I had lost my ability to compensate for the flex. The first few pianos I tuned with your lever were in half the time I was spending. I am now in the process of learning to make larger motions and larger changes at the tuning pin. I have found that with your lever and the same motions as my old lever, that I am making infintisimal rotations of the tuning pin and must learn to trust large movements that will not overshoot due to the lever. I feel that it has dramatically increased my accuracy, as well. Thank you so much for developing this lever! It is really a Godsend."
(Ed. note: above customer is using 5/8" tip extension with 5 degree head.)

Greg Griggs

"I've had my hammer a week now and I will not be needing the 30 day evaluation period. I wouldn't think of sending it back to you. Your hammer is truly a great product and lives up to everything I've read about it from other technicians. My only concern is that my customers will order your hammer and start tuning their own pianos with it! Thanks again, it really is worth every penny."

Testimonials about the SuperTube aluminum tube version

Damon Falzone

"Greetings Steve--I have been using your Aluminum Fujan Hammer for 3 weeks now and what a revelation. The "struggle" has been taken out of the tuning process and in its place I have found greater ease of tuning through better pin feel, increased speed of tuning with greater accuracy and with less strain on my hand. Your design is so ergonomically correct. After 27 years of piano tuning your hammer is a godsend. I can't thank you enough."

Patrick.Sinigaglia from France

ITEMM - Institut Technologique Européen des Métiers de la Musique, (http://www.itemm.fr) Responsable de la section accord piano
"I'm a teacher in a French school, for tuning pianos, voicing and regulation. I bought your tuning lever last year, and I have used it throughout the year, for me and my students. I find it's a really good tool for beginners, but also for experienced tuners. I introduced this tool to several tuners which appreciated it very much. Thank you for this innovation which is a great help for all tuners (and tuning teachers...)."

Michael Mesrobian

"I can honestly say that your design makes tuning the notoriously ornery Steinway uprights completely manageable: No more trying to outwit the pin! If this product is any indication of what might come, I hope you are planning more Fujan products."

Sara Nash

"I just wanted to drop you a note and let you know how much I like your tuning lever. I am at the bottom of the learning curve in learning to tune and this lever is a big help. Its stiffness really helps me to feel what is going on with the pin. Now I can really feel the tiny movements so adjusting my technique is becoming easier. The right tool really makes the job easier. Thanks for such a great product!"

Frederick Bath, RPT

"I am really enjoying your creation! I am using the 13" lever with 5 degree head and extension. This works quite well for me in most situations and lets me feel each little movement of the tuning pin. I find I am not working nearly as hard. The amount of rigidity still amazes me. I believe this is a really new kind of rigid tuning lever design. Others have rehashed the old basic design with new materials and shapes. All of these were too springy. I also like the modular design that allows each user to have a customized lever."

Valentino from Italy

"I have received some days ago your tuning lever and immediately I used it. Let me say, it is FANTASTIC! I can feel any little movement and to control perfectly any tuning pin rotation without problems. I have used others tuning levers, yamaha, wonderwand, schaff, jahn, but yours is the better."

Paul Larudee, RPT

Inventor of the Lo-Torq(R) tuning pin, and author of "Tuning Pin Physics"
"I am happy to say that the SuperTube is everything you claim and everything I thought it would be. This is coming from someone who previously tried a very fine titanium lever and returned it before the end of the trial period. Thank you for making the best tuning lever in the world."